Daniel Jacobs

Professional Middleweight Boxer


Jacobs won so much as an amateur boxer growing up in Brooklyn that he earned the nickname the “Golden Child.”While his winning ways continued throughout his professional career, his nicknamed changed to “Miracle Man” to depict that the biggest victory of his life actually came outside the ring.

In 2011, Jacobs was informed that he had a rare form of bone cancer that partially paralyzed him. Doctors told him he would never walk again, let alone fight. After undergoing dozens of radiation treatments and surgery to remove the tumor, Jacobs returned to the ring in October 2012 for the first time in 19 months. In an inspiring effort, he knocked out Josh Luteran in the first round at Barclays Center in his hometown of Brooklyn. Three years later he was hoisting a world championship belt over his head in his hometown arena Barclays Center—becoming the first-ever cancer-surviving champion.

Jacobs is known for his punching power, hand speed, and movement in the ring. He is a proud father, and Founder of Get in the Ring Foundation that helps children with their cancer struggles and other life struggles.

Daniel Jacobs RECOMMENDS

“They told me I would never box or walk again,” Jacobs told the New York Daily. “I proved everyone wrong.”
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